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How Do Smart Lockers Help The Environment?

30th April 2024

smart lockers

In our latest article ‘Understanding The Advanced Features of Ricoh’s Smart Lockers‘, we discussed what smart lockers are, who uses them and the benefits. While there’s growing popularity of smart lockers to streamline business processes and make day-to-day tasks much easier, the question is whether or not smart lockers help the environment, and if they do, then how?


What Do Smart Lockers Have To Do With Sustainability?

At Insight Systems, we take sustainability seriously. We partner with sustainable and eco-conscious brands, and promote sustainable printing solutions to our customers – which includes smart lockers! While there are numerous avenues for businesses to enhance their environmental responsibility and sustainability, smart lockers stand out as a tangible means to reduce our ecological footprint.


The Environmental Impact of Traditional Practices

Industries such as e-commerce, retail, and logistics significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. With increasing demand, we must prioritise efforts to curb carbon emissions to achieve the UK’s goal of net zero by 2050. For example, e-commerce currently contributes 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with projections indicating it could escalate to 17% by 2050.

Consider this traditional logistics scenario: a single company may deploy 20 vans daily to deliver 1,000 packages. They could half the required transport options while still achieving the same daily package delivery volume simply by implementing smart locker solutions.

Utilising smart lockers is an intelligent approach for retail and logistics companies to reduce their carbon footprint while sustaining demand. With smart lockers, businesses can efficiently monitor usage and adjust energy consumption according to usage patterns. Lockers that are not being used can be switched off until it’s needed, which results in substantial energy savings and significant cost reduction.


The Benefits of Smart Lockers For The Environment

At their core, smart lockers are automated storage units equipped with advanced features such as remote monitoring, biometric authentication, and real-time tracking. While their primary function is to facilitate secure and convenient package delivery and retrieval, their environmental benefits are equally noteworthy. They are used across various industries, including retail, logistics, education, manufacturing, offices and public spaces.

Reduced Carbon Emissions.

One of the most significant environmental advantages of smart lockers lies in their ability to optimise delivery routes and minimise unnecessary trips. By consolidating multiple deliveries into a single stop, smart lockers help reduce the number of vehicles on the road, thereby lowering carbon emissions associated with transportation. 

Waste Reduction

Packaging waste is a significant environmental concern in e-commerce and retail. Smart lockers offer a sustainable alternative by providing a centralised location for package pickup and returns. By encouraging reuse and recycling, smart lockers help minimise the need for excessive packaging materials, thereby reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Energy Efficiency

Smart lockers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Unlike traditional storage facilities or manned pickup locations, smart lockers are equipped with sensors that enable them to adjust their energy consumption based on usage patterns. Additionally, the use of renewable energy sources to power smart locker systems further enhances their eco-friendliness.

Choosing The Smart Solution

Beyond their immediate benefits in terms of efficiency and convenience, smart lockers represent a tangible step towards building a more sustainable future. By embracing innovative technologies like smart lockers, businesses can not only reduce their environmental footprint but also pave the way for a greener and more resilient economy.

If you’re looking for smart locker solutions, contact our sustainability consultants at Insight Systems. We’d be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.

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