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Managed Cloud Services

Digitise documents and store things safely in the cloud – instant access, at your fingertips. With managed cloud services, you can transform business operations and processes. Learn more about our managed cloud solutions below.


Print Management Control

Connecting your multifunction printer (MFP) to your preferred third party cloud service lets you instantly store and manage digital versions of documents safely and securely. Simple.

Cloud Convenience

File and archive smarter.

Cloud based document management allows you to file and archive files smarter and in a more convenient, less time consuming way. Whether you’re a fan of Dropbox, Office 365, Google Drive or any other popular third party cloud document service, connecting your office equipment to an easy-to-use app for digital storage is a great way to reduce waste and enhance the efficiency and eco credentials of your workplace.

Best of all – it takes seconds to install.

Digitalised Documents

Convert your hardcopy documents into editable digital documents in a couple of simple steps. You’ll save space from no longer having to store hard copies, while reducing waste from avoiding extra unnecessary printouts. Digital documents are efficient, effective, and sustainable. All of our managed cloud solutions are designed for growth, greater transparency and flexibility in the workplace.

Work that flows

In our experience, a happy workplace is usually an efficient one. Storing digital documents in the cloud is an easy, automated process that in a short time will reduce office waste, printing costs and buy your team more time – and less faff. At Insight Systems we thrive on helping organisations seamlessly manage work documents, so you can place an even bigger focus on driving the business forward.

Smart Sharing

Synchronising any multifunction printer to a cloud service via one of our recommended apps means information becomes instantly accessible, ready to use and share exactly when it’s needed. More productivity, less effort – just the way we like it. Learn more about why your business should use cloud printing.

Integrating cloud based services into your office photocopying equipment via a smart app package is simple.

We’ll first walk you through the options to see which one of our managed cloud services is most appropriate for your working environment and team structure, then if you like, we’ll install it with a 30 day free trial so you can experience the benefits before making a full commitment.

Got a question?

For queries about connecting your equipment to the cloud, get in touch with our team using the button below:

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