Insight Systems supports Save The Children , Christmas Jumper Day


Why We Choose To Support Charities

10th August 2021

Here at Insight Systems, we fully believe in supporting charities and participating in fundraising to raise awareness wherever and whenever we can. Recently, we’ve participated in Christmas Jumper day, bake sales, and some of us have even thrown ourselves out of a plane, all in the name of fundraising. 


Raising Awareness

When it comes to charity awareness, more really is more. As opposed to having just an individual fundraising, if we do it as a team, we have the opportunity to reach and share with more people. We know the impact our business can make on a community when it comes to raising awareness, so our widespread reach can do so much for a charity that we couldn’t not participate in.


Team Building

Taking part in charity fundraising is a fantastic team-building exercise, whilst raising money and awareness for some great causes. We’re always swamped as a company, so it’s sometimes challenging to set time aside specifically for team-building exercises. Participating in charity work and fundraising opens up the opportunity to talk to people outside of your usual team and work together, making us much stronger as a company and a team whilst raising awareness for a great cause.


Company Culture

At Insight Systems, we have a great, supportive culture that’s been built up over the years and supported by our charity initiatives. Alongside team building, charity work allows for us to push forward with our ‘feel-good’ ways in the office. Doing things as a team is a great way to unite us and make us even stronger in every aspect of our work! Certain charity fundraising activities require extra training outside of the office, such as our skydive that we participated in, which meant that a lot of our team were socialising outside of work, which we love to hear about during our Monday catch ups!


Finally, we know just how easy it is to get caught up in our world and only focus on minor issues, but supporting charities as a team gives us a chance to step back and let us have a new perspective on work and life in general. 


Personal Training and Development

There are some things that a staff training day can’t teach, and we know that, which is why fundraising initiatives are fantastic for our employees who are looking for progression. Leadership, communication, confidence-building and project planning are all skills that can be learnt through sponsoring a charity and undertaking fundraising events.


 Staff Well-being

The world that we’re in can be pretty unforgiving to us, and we try to find ways to help our staff’s well-being wherever we can. Studies have shown that giving, in all forms, is excellent for combating stress, depression, and anxiety and helping to keep you mentally stimulated and improve your self-confidence. 


Insight Systems

At Insight Systems, we pride ourselves on getting involved with and supporting as many charities as we can, whether participating in national days such as National Christmas Jumper Day or organising our own charity initiatives. Big or small, it all counts, which is why we’re so passionate about it. 


We bring this attitude and attention to our everyday tasks, such as providing the best-tailored printing solution for your company. No matter the size of your business, we’ll do our best to supply you with everything that you need. For more information, get in touch today and have a chat with one of our friendly experts. 


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