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Why Print Management Is Essential for Effective Education

8th August 2022

print management and the role it has in education

Printing is an essential function of every educational institution. From the smallest primary schools to the largest multi-campus colleges and universities, instructors and administrators want a solution that allows them to avoid print issues and focus entirely on educating their students. Unfortunately, this is not possible when instructors must spend their limited resources servicing printers and searching for educational resources.

Educational institutions that use a print management system proactively decrease printing costs, increase efficiency, and maintain data security and regulatory compliance. Most significantly, taking advantage of a print management system gives all students and educators a dependable and accessible print environment.


What is Print Management for Education?

In addition to preserving private student information, lowering waste, and giving schools the ability to understand their print spend , print management assists educational institutions in printing safely and quickly from any device. Administrators are alerted to  inefficiencies in their printer networks with the help of print management.


Advantages of a Fully Managed Print Service for Education

Print management systems assist educational institutions in lowering print expenses, improving usability, enabling accessible printing, and strengthening data security. At Insight Systems, we can also supply and maintain everything from the head’s desktop printer to the reprographics department’s production devices, all within the same agreement at the same high level of service.


1.Reduce Costs

Thanks to the improved insight into printing expenses, educational institutions may enhance their budgeting process and prevent wasting funds on incorrect goods owing to a lack of strategic planning.

Schools can reduce printer-related expenditures even further by introducing print controls and rules-based routing. These tools enable administrators to monitor and regulate printing on a student, class, or departmental basis. Print policies can encourage ecologically friendly printing alternatives such as double-sided or greyscale printing, or they can impose further behavioural limitations such as print quotas and restricting printing outside of school hours to minimise expenses even further.


2.Improve Ease of Use

For maximum simplicity of use, your Managed Print Partner r will link education equipment, such as printers, scanners, and multifunction devices, to a single common interface via user-friendly software. Remote monitoring of fleets of resilient print management systems is possible via an easy-to-use web-based admin panel. Print management software gives a user-friendly dashboard that allows educational institutions a real-time snapshot of their printing environment. The simple dashboard gives information such as:

  • System activity in general
  • Notifications of printer errors
  • Toner concentrations
  • Information about current trends
  • Statistics in real time
  • Environmental impact assessment


3.Enable Convenient and Accessible Printing

Primary schools and higher education institutions require user-friendly equipment that creates high-quality resources and allows staff to prepare and locate materials for their classes swiftly and reliably.

With a mobile printing solution, educational institutions may allow network printing or transmit print jobs remotely through the internet. Educators may print instructional materials while sipping their morning coffee without using a computer.

Furthermore, because fleet management is managed by certified print professionals, staff can be certain that the printers have the toner and ink required to print their materials, guaranteeing that teachers and professors have their teaching materials ready before the sound of the bell.


4. Bolster Data Security and Ensure The Data Protection Act (DPA) 

To comply with GDPR, educational institutions are responsible for safeguarding proprietary course materials and preserving sensitive student information. Managed print services incorporate security features such as end-to-end encryption and watermarks to assure administrators and educators that their students’ data is secure and in compliance.

Secure print release can help educational institutions strengthen their data security even further. Secure print release improves document security and keeps uncollected print jobs out of the wrong hands. With the secure print release function, every print job is held until a faculty member personally releases it at the printing device’s physical location. Print jobs can be manually released by using:

  • Fobs/ID Cards
  • PIN numbers
  • Biometrics
  • QR codes and barcodes.
  • Employee access control cards

The ideal print management service for your educational institution should be a comprehensive programme that lowers costs, increases accessibility, boosts productivity and assures data security and legal compliance. To provide all students and teachers peace of mind during these difficult times, a fully comprehensive print management service will also address safety issues related to COVID-19 guidelines with cutting-edge additional features like a touchless release.

A managed print service for educational institutions should be a comprehensive, economical option to fit your organisation’s unique requirements. Since classrooms, school districts, and universities all face different and distinctive print-related difficulties, a straightforward one-size-fits-all strategy to print management will not be sufficient.

Schools that work with a managed print service provider to put in place a special print management system invest in the productivity of their professors and students as well as in their security. 


Insight Systems

At Insight Systems, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your team and becoming your print department without you even knowing. Not only will we offer our honest opinions, professional advice and friendly service, but Insight Systems strive to listen to your business needs and will tailor a solution just for you. Our print management approach is upfront and hassle-free to ensure that you can carry out your daily tasks with printing peace of mind. If you’re interested in learning how we can help you reduce your business’s print costs and would like to book your print audit, get in touch today to speak to one of our friendly experts.


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