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The Advantages of Sustainable Printers for Education

18th January 2024

printers for education

Epson’s sustainable printers have become a game-changer in the education sector, offering a range of advantages that contribute to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to printing. These printers are designed with the environment in mind and not only align with educational institutions’ sustainability goals but also bring several benefits to the table.

Let’s explore the range of benefits below.


Reduced Environmental Impact

One key advantage is the reduction of environmental impact. Epson’s sustainable printers are designed to minimise energy consumption and utilise recycled materials in their construction. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing awareness of the need for environmentally responsible practices in schools, colleges and universities.

Switching to Epson means up to 96% fewer consumables used, up to 83% lower CO2 emissions and less energy, and up to 50% faster printing. By switching to eco-friendly printers, the education sector can actively participate in reducing its carbon footprint.


Innovative Technology

Epson printers incorporate innovative technology that goes beyond efficiency. Epson’s PrecisionCore technology, for example, ensures precise and sharp prints, thereby reducing the need for reprints and wasted resources. Additionally, Epson printers use heat-free technology, so it doesn’t require any heat in the ink ejection process. This not only cuts costs; but also minimises paper and ink usage, contributing to a more sustainable printing process.


Cost Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is another significant advantage offered by Epson heat-free printers. Tight budgets constantly constrain the education sector, and printing costs can quickly add up. 

Epson focuses on efficiency and resource optimisation, which helps schools, colleges, and universities save on operational and consumable expenses. This means more financial resources can be directed towards educational programs and initiatives rather than being allocated to excessive printing costs.

Furthermore, these printers are equipped with advanced features that enhance productivity in educational settings. Wireless printing capabilities, mobile printing options, and cloud integration simplify the printing process, making it more convenient for students, teachers, and administrative staff. This increased efficiency contributes to a smoother workflow within educational institutions.


epson heat free printers


What Challenges Does The Education Sector Face With Printing?

The education sector often faces several challenges related to printing. At Insight Systems, we understand these challenges and offer efficient, cost-effective solutions aligned with your budget and sustainability goals.



Challenge 1: Printing, especially in large volumes, incurs significant costs. This is in the form of paper, ink or toner cartridges, maintenance and energy consumption. All this is alongside the increasing pressures of budget cuts.

The Insight Solution: Integrating Epson printers within your fleet can cut your total printing spend in half. You can track and monitor printer usage, and we are on hand to offer support, guidance and training where needed.


Security Concerns

Challenge 2: We understand that the education sector prints sensitive and confidential documents, such as exams and student records, which poses security risks. Unauthorised access to these kinds of documents can compromise confidentiality.

The Insight Solution: Follow-Me Printing is a reliable solution for education. It can hold jobs until a user successfully authenticates and releases their print jobs, reducing paper waste and maintaining confidentiality. This type of printing is also trackable as it’s encrypted with Zero Trust Security. In a zero-trust model, security measures are implemented to authenticate and authorise users and devices before granting access to resources. In simple terms, it assumes no device or connection is trusted by default. Continuous verification of every user, device and application, regardless of their location or network connection, is required.


Integration with Digital Platforms

Challenge 3: The education sector continues to shift towards digital platforms, and integrating the right printing solutions can be a challenge.

The Insight Solution: Our team of in-house experts can advise on the best solutions for your environment, taking the stress and hassle away so you can focus on the more important stuff.

In conclusion, Epson’s sustainable printers offer a myriad of advantages for the education sector. You can embrace a more eco-friendly printing solution without compromising on quality, efficiency, or productivity. It’s a step towards a greener and more sustainable future for education.

For more information on our Epson range, please request a free print audit or give us a call on 0800 046 1332.


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