printing solutions for healthcare sector


On Demand Printing Solutions for Healthcare Providers

5th December 2021

The last thing you need whilst working in a hospital, doctors surgery, or any other part of the fast-paced environment in the Healthcare industry is for your printer not to work or break entirely. Perhaps more so than any other positions, those in the healthcare industry need every resource right there when they need it, and printing is most definitely one of them. 

Here at Insight Systems, we have already achieved NHS Link 3 Framework Approved Supplier status, so you can trust in our products, technology and advice when looking for the best printing solutions within the healthcare industry.


What problems are faced?

  • Reliability

Having a reliable printer is crucial to the smooth running of an office or department in any business, let alone within healthcare. 

  • Confidentiality

Adhering to all patient privacy policies and GDPR guidelines is high on the priority list, so ensuring that your printer is set up with the correct software to ensure no slip-ups is essential. 

  • Compatibility with existing software

With enough on your plate as it is, the last thing you want to be doing is spending excess time on setting up printers to be compatible with systems and software already in place. Utilising hardware that isn’t compatible is a non-starter.

  • Compliance

The Healthcare industry has strict standards that must be met and guidelines that must be followed, so it can be challenging to find a supplier that ticks all the boxes. Particularly when it comes to things like printing prescriptions.


How can Insight Systems help?

At Insight Systems, we understand the pressure you face in a Healthcare environment, and we do everything to make sure your printer or Multi-Function Printer is the least of your concerns.

Working with both the NHS and private healthcare providers, we know we have the technology that seamlessly works with your existing network and software platforms. Whether that includes larger multi-function machines for administration to prescription printers and practice management compatible devices, we have a solution for you.

We work hand in hand with your IT staff or service providers to ensure we deliver a compliant solution that integrates entirely from the outset. These printers will also be equipped with security features to ensure that confidential data does not go astray, including PIN/ID Card integration, automatic secure scan routing and secure data deletion that the wrong person can never recover.

The most frustrating thing is your printer failing just because it has run out of toner. Not only do we make sure that doesn’t happen with our intelligent management software, but we also ensure you always have adequate stock to fall back on. We understand that yours is a 24/7/365 reliance on your equipment.


Insight Systems

At Insight Systems, we pride ourselves on giving your business the best-tailored printing solution with a hassle-free approach. We’re partnered with several big-name companies within the industry, so we can always offer the most up-to-date software and technology to suit you. If you’re interested in saving money and time, have a chat with one of our friendly experts today.

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