educational printing with epson


Nurturing Sustainable Printing In Education With Epson

24th November 2023

educational printing with epson

Sustainable printing practices in the UK education sector have been gaining attention with the core aim of reducing their environmental impact. According to Shred On-Site, the average primary school student generates around 45kg of paper waste per year. Secondary school students generate an estimated 22kg of paper waste each year – that’s an average of 21,000 sq km of trees.

To put this into perspective, if just 10% more of that was recycled each year, we could save 5 million trees. In educational institutes, there are various ways to achieve these environmental goals.


Where Are Schools, Colleges and Universities Wasting The Most Paper?


classroom textbooks and materials

Educational environments over recent years have become increasingly technology-driven. Still, paper waste remains a top priority if we want to meet the ambitious net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050.

  • Paper contributes to the majority of waste in educational environments. 
  • Not all paper waste is from pupils, but from administrative procedures where we print out class information, materials and newsletters that are later thrown in the bin.

Although the educational sector has made great strides in reducing waste by introducing mandatory double-sided printing, waste bins in classrooms and investing in recycled paper – there are other effective strategies that education systems can put in place to be greener and more eco-friendly. At Insight Systems, our experts have compiled a list of greener strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and promote a sustainable environment within education.


Sustainable Printing In Education, What More Can Be Done?

In light of the pressing need to transition toward a more sustainable environment, what actionable steps can be taken to address this urgency?


Epson Heat-Free Printers

Epson’s innovative range of heat-free printers is paving the way for a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly way of printing. This range of printers uses less power because they do not require heat to warm up. 

Students and staff members can save time with consistent high-speed printing, as Epson printers can start printing immediately after being woken from sleep. Moreover, with its low power consumption, it not only conserves energy but also considerably reduces costs, allowing educational systems to allocate more budget to priorities that hold significance.

We offer free Epson optimisation audits that help schools, colleges, and universities produce strategies that reduce the level of paper waste and consumption. These audits are incredibly insightful in comparing your current set-up vs what you can achieve with heat-free technology.

This audit reports on key findings in terms of:

  • Energy savings
  • Time savings
  • Productivity savings
  • Cost savings

Print Management Systems

A print management solution can help keep educational environments in check by reducing costs and waste whilst keeping documents safe and secure.

It essentially helps manage printing resources efficiently and includes the following benefits:

  • User authentication: Print management solutions can include authentication features which ensure only authorised individuals can access printing resources. This improves document security and reduces waste.
  • Cost tracking and reporting: You can easily track printing activities by user or department. The data collected from this can then be used to generate insightful reports about printing costs.
  • Mobile printing: Print from any device, even your smartphone and tablet, which is valuable in today’s digital and technology-driven age.


Awareness and Education

Educational programs and campaigns can raise awareness among students and staff about the environmental impact of printing and encourage responsible printing habits.


Digital Alternatives

Embracing digital alternatives such as e-books, online assessments, apps, and electronic submissions can significantly reduce the need for traditional printing. Keep parents and students up-to-date via apps on their smartphones or by using email newsletters.

By incorporating sustainability into operations, policies, and educational initiatives, educational institutions contribute to a healthier planet, prepare students for a sustainable future, and demonstrate leadership in addressing global challenges.

For more information on how Insight Systems can help your school, college, or university reach its sustainability goals, please get in touch with our expert team on 0800 046 1332 or contact us online.


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