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Moving To A New Office Space? Here’s What You’ll Need To Know

10th January 2022

Moving offices is exciting, there’s no doubt about it, but the excitement doesn’t entirely gloss over the stress that can come with it. Getting your business back up and running is vital not only for your profits but for your employees as well. Here’s a heads up on a few of the problems you might face and solutions on how to work around them.


Productivity loss

If you’ve ever moved house, you know how stressful it is and how long the process takes. Sorting out, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and organising can take days. This may result in a loss  in productivity in some way. If you’re the person tasked with helping with the actual move, you’ve lost time working within your role, and if you’re an employee, you’re most likely to not be as productive due to the disruption.


The best way to minimise productivity loss is to plan. Start the packing process as early as possible to minimise the number of whole days you’ll need to make the move. When it comes to moving week, where possible, ask employees to work remotely to avoid as much disruption for the rest of the company as possible.


Coordination & Communication

Keep your employees in the loop with what’s going on to ensure good coordination and communication. Before you’ve even signed a contract, tell your team that you’re looking at other office spaces. When the actual moving date is booked in, it’s also good to let them know early so they know that there may be a lack of communication from you over that period. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and allows time to iron out any questions or concerns for both work and the move.


Office Layout

To avoid wasting time when you’ve moved into your new office space, try and utilise the floorplan you’re given and plan your new office layout. When you’re visiting the space, make sure that you look out for TV and internet points, as well as plugs, so that you can figure out the best layout for your company. It works well to envision your new office layout and what would work best for efficiency.


IT Relocation

Don’t underestimate this task! If your business uses servers, make sure you get back-ups of these and test them before moving. Servers are fragile, and should you damage one, it can have a severe impact on your business if you haven’t taken the correct precautionary measures or transported them with the utmost care. On the day, you need to make sure that you’ve appointed a few members of your IT team to set everything up correctly; this one isn’t worth attempting to do through a YouTube tutorial. 


Setting up printers on a new network.

One of the trickiest parts of the move? Getting the office printer set up on your new network. If you’re utilising print management software and have the correct cyber security software installed, we understand that you might be reluctant to pull the power on it, even if it’s just for a short time.


How can Insight Systems help?

There’s no point in getting stressed out over this task when we have a team of award-winning engineers who will happily help get it sorted for you, all as part of your managed print services package. We’ll be able to reconnect your printer to your internal network and get it up and running as if nothing ever happened, meaning that your office is one step closer to being back to normal. Utilising our expert knowledge removes any risk of data stored on your printer being shared or deleted unwillingly, as well as being sure that all safety measures and software are set up correctly. 


Insight Systems

At Insight Systems, we pride ourselves on giving your business the best-tailored printing solution with a hassle-free approach. Whether you’re a sole-traderor a large workforce, we will find the best solution for you. If you’re interested in saving money and time, have a chat with one of our friendly experts today.


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