document management systems benefits


Maximising ROI: How Document Management Systems Drive Cost Savings & Productivity

20th February 2024

document management systems benefits

Document management systems (DMS), otherwise referred to as document management, is the use of cloud-based software to store, manage and monitor digital documents. This type of software is a very effective way to manage content, improve your workflow and cut costs.

Gone are the days of manually storing paper-based documents in files and losing track of documents you need to refer back to. Instead, a document management system has various benefits and features to help streamline business processes and breeze through daily tasks.


The Key Benefits of a Document Management System

Document security: Improve document security by allowing users to set permissions and access controls. This feature allows authorised users to access sensitive information and, in turn, reduces the risk of unauthorised access.

Additionally, various DMS platforms provide encryption features, meaning documents are encrypted whilst transferred between users or stored on servers. 

Centralised storage: A DMS platform can help consolidate documents into a single, centralised repository – reducing the need for multiple storage locations and making it much easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

Audit trails: Audit trails track document access and edits made by users. So, if you want to track who made the last modification on a document or identify suspicious behaviour, you have the flexibility to do so.

Enhances productivity: If you’re looking for a solution to improve productivity in various ways, a Document Management System has you covered. Thanks to the centralised storage, users can efficiently retrieve documents and collaborate on documents without wasting time. Advanced search capabilities are also available with many Document Management Solutions, so you can search based on keywords, content or other relevant attributes.

Cuts costs: One of the biggest advantages of document management is its ability to cut costs and provide a significant return on investment. Implementing a DMS significantly reduces paper usage as it will reduce the need for users to print or scan documents. You can save money on paper, ink and maintenance or repairs.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to reduce administrative overheads. Managing paper-based documents involves plenty of administrative work, such as filing, labelling and tracking. Having a digital-based platform that automates document processes offers a more streamlined workflow and reduces manual tasks. In return, this also means lower administrative overhead costs.

Reduced carbon footprint: With many businesses across the UK working hard to cut their carbon emissions, going paperless goes a long way. By harnessing document management systems, you can reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to the environment!


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Who Should Implement A Document Management System?

Businesses worldwide take advantage of the features available with document management systems, but here are some industries that would gain from adopting a DMS.

Healthcare: Doctor surgeries, hospitals and private practices deal with huge amounts of patient records, treatment records and compliance documents. A document management system can streamline medical records management, improve patient care coordination and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Finance: Businesses in the finance industry, such as banks and insurance companies, manage sensitive and confidential documents every day. Similar to healthcare, integrating a DMS can help greatly with document processing, improved customer service and data security.

Education: Schools, colleges and universities manage student records, course materials, and administrative paperwork. Imagine if you could lighten the load with a solution that automates processes. 

Document management for education can centralise documents, improve collaboration among students and staff, and ensure compliance with education regulations.

Public sector: From public organisations to government agencies, a DMS can enhance document accessibility and transparency and streamline work operations.

Manufacturing: When managing product specifications, designs, quality control records and more, you need a solution that can streamline document control processes and facilitate collaboration across multiple teams. A document management solution is equipped with all the features you’d need to improve efficiency.


The Insight Solution: DocuWare

DocuWare Document ManagementDocuWare is a leading document management software used by thousands of businesses globally. Easily tackle documents with ease, improve collaboration, and drive cost-savings with this easy-to-use platform.

  • Go paperless with DocuWare and remove/reduce the cost of paper.
  • Digitising your documents reduces printing and other operational costs.
  • Improved compliance and security.
  • Easy integration between systems.
  • Suitable for all industries.

Request a free demonstration of DocuWare or get in touch with our expert team on 0800 046 1332.


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