managed print services in healthcare


How Do Managed Print Services Improve Healthcare Processes?

15th April 2022

managed print services in healthcare

Managed print services are designed to streamline workflow in any environment by reducing costs and waste. It introduces fully managed solutions that incorporate management, hardware and software implementation to improve efficiency for everyone involved. 

Undoubtedly, the healthcare industry is demanding and challenging. Throughout COVID-19, it has had to adapt to digital healthcare solutions quickly and be open to new innovative ways to overcome issues and problems. Reliable equipment and effective software solutions are needed in all healthcare environments to improve healthcare processes. 

Hospitals, doctors, clinics, and other healthcare facilities have one core focus: to provide high levels of quality care for their patients. While most organisations are constantly tasked to cut costs to save money, the healthcare sector can achieve this by implementing a managed print service strategy. This is a number one choice because it will improve workflow efficiency, and it also won’t diminish the quality of care that patients rightfully deserve.

How Will A Managed Print Service Improve Healthcare Processes?

A managed print service takes care of everything for you, so you don’t have to. Are you worried about the performance of your existing printers? Are you wasting too much paper, ink and toner? Do you need a cloud-based solution to store confidential data and keep it secure? 

You need everything in one place, and we get it. Here are the benefits of managed print services for the healthcare industry.


Patient Privacy & Confidentiality

In the healthcare sector, security policies and procedures are crucial. Healthcare providers should not disclose information about any patient to others without permission. Only authorised personnel should have access to patient files, whether it’s a physical file or digital file that sits on the cloud. A managed print service offers the protection of confidential and sensitive files to protect a patient’s right to privacy.

Follow me printing, in particular, is an intelligent and reliable software that is a must-have for healthcare professionals. It offers the convenience of printing and collecting documents from various printing devices in the workplace. If we use hospitals as an example, a hospital will use a large fleet of print devices that cover the whole hospital, and if you’re a healthcare professional, chances are you’re always on the go! Follow me printing means you can pick up your document securely and safely from your chosen device. You release the print job using your key card for authentication, and there you have it. 

Follow Me print software is designed to protect sensitive information and reduce paper waste, toner and costs. 



Like any other organisation, healthcare providers are vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. An organisation’s print fleet must be secure from any threat, which can often be overlooked. At Insight Systems, we provide free print audits that evaluate and diagnose your current risks and how we can address them to improve your infrastructure for years to come.

We are a proud DocuWare cloud partner which allows us to integrate intelligent cloud management and automation solutions to optimise business performance, protect your confidential documents and offer another barrier of security.


Reduces Costs & Paper Waste

There are around 1,250 hospitals in the UK. Many of these hospitals will need upgrades to their fleet of printers, scanners, and other multi-function devices that allow them to do their job much more effectively.

Inefficient or outdated equipment means more time to wait for documents to be printed or scanned, additional paper waste, and more ink and toner being used. For all healthcare providers, a managed print service made bespoke for their environment can significantly help improve workflow, reduce both costs and waste and improve patient confidentiality.


NHS SBS Approved Framework Supplier

Insight Systems is an NHS SBS approved framework supplier. This ultimately means we are recognised as a government-approved supplier of printing software and hardware solutions to a range of public-funded organisations. We take great pride in providing the most effective solutions for the healthcare industry. 


Insight Systems

At Insight Systems, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your team and becoming your print department without you even knowing. Not only will we offer our honest opinions, professional advice and friendly service, but Insight Systems strive to listen to your business needs and will tailor a solution just for you. Our print management approach is upfront and hassle-free to ensure that you can carry out your daily tasks with printing peace of mind. If you’re interested in learning how we can help you reduce your business’s print costs, get in touch today to speak to one of our friendly experts.


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