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How Digital Print Marketing Can Make A Difference To Your Business

21st April 2023


Digital print has revolutionised the printing industry in recent years, providing businesses with greater flexibility, speed, and affordability than ever before. It has rapidly gained popularity over traditional printing methods, such as lithographic printing, as businesses recognise the benefits of this technology in terms of quality, cost, and turnaround time. In today’s highly competitive business environment, digital print marketing has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.


Digital print marketing involves the use of digital printing technology to produce marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, banners, and business cards. These materials can be customised to meet the business’s specific needs and are highly effective in reaching and engaging with potential customers.


What Is Traditional Printing?

A popular form of traditional printing was lithographic printing. Lithography was invented in 1798 by Alois Senefelder. The history of lithography essentially occurred in four steps:

  1. The invention and use of the process.
  2. The introduction of photography.
  3. The addition of the offset press.
  4. The revolution of the lithographic plate.

It involves creating printing plates and transferring ink onto paper or other materials. The process can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring many setups, making it less feasible for small print runs. Digital printing, on the other hand, differs from traditional printing, as machines and technology do not require printing plates. The document is printed directly onto the media substrate instead.


Advantages of Digital Printing vs Traditional Printing

Speed of Production: With digital printing, businesses can quickly and easily produce small or large print runs without worrying about the setup or the cost of printing plates. This means that businesses can respond to changing market demands and quickly produce marketing materials or packaging, which is especially important in industries with frequent product launches or seasonal changes.


Cost Effectiveness: Digital printing does not require the same setup and plate-making costs as traditional printing, making it a more affordable option for businesses, particularly for smaller print runs. Moreover, digital printing allows for printing variable data, such as personalised direct mail or customised packaging, which can help businesses increase engagement and conversion rates and generate customer loyalty.


High-Quality: The quality of digital printing has also significantly improved over the years, making it a viable option for a wide range of printing needs, including high-end marketing materials, packaging, and even art prints. The colour accuracy, sharpness, and resolution of digital printing have improved dramatically, allowing businesses to produce high-quality prints that rival or surpass traditional printing methods.


Greater Flexibility: Businesses can print on various materials and surfaces, from traditional paper and cardboard to plastic, metal, and fabric. Moreover, digital printing allows for different printing techniques, such as spot UV, embossing, and foiling, adding an extra dimension of creativity to designs and packaging.


How Digital Print Can Make A Difference In Your Business

Digital printing is the way forward, allowing businesses to stay competitive and stand out in an increasingly crowded market. It helps streamline processes and optimise workplaces. With fewer steps involved, your employees save time on printing documents which can increase productivity and company morale.

Insight Systems is a leading provider of high-performing printers and print management solutions tailored to businesses nationwide. Whether you’re looking to produce marketing materials in-house or you’re looking to reduce paper waste and costs, we have a bespoke digital print solution waiting for you.


How We Can Help

1.High-Performing Printers

Digital printers produce fewer CO2 emissions than traditional printing processes. Our high-performance multifunctional printers make managing documents easy as they’re an all-in-one platform. MFPs/MFDs combine multiple devices into one – so you can print, scan, photocopy and fax from the same device. This saves energy and reduces waste and overall running costs.

Konica Minolta AccurioPress C4065 Series.

The AccurioPress C4065 series is a compact, high-performing printer that can do it all. It’s a smart solution for office space where space is particularly limited. It features thin to thick paper, envelopes, embossed paper and more – giving you countless options for your printing needs. Additionally, the C4065 series is equipped with a dual colour scanner, enabling scanning up to 280ipm.

konica minolta c4065

Konica Minolta AccurioPress C83hc Series.

The AccurioPress C83c series from Konica Minolta is a unique digital colour press that boasts many features, including a unique HC toner which is able to produce vivid and natural colours. The image quality is unrivalled, with full-colour resolution and high chroma polymerised toner. Furthermore, it possesses outstanding media and finishing capabilities, so you can print brochures, booklets, leaflets, flyers and more with ease.

konica minolta accurio c83hcDiscover the Konica Minolta brand

Ricoh Pro C 7200 Series.

The Ricoh Pro C 7200 series allows you to keep more jobs in-house. This multi-functional printer delivers fantastic quality with a range of media choices at your disposal. This includes inline feed and finishing options to meet project demands with ease. It’s the perfect, compact solution for any print environment.

Ricoh Pro C7200 SeriesRicoh Pro C5300s Series.

The C5300s series from Ricoh provides an all-in-one solution that boasts exceptional performance with high-quality printing. The model features a 10-inch smart touchscreen panel which allows you to choose from a wide range of printing options, whether you’re printing regular work documents, leaflets, flyers and more.

ricoh pro

Discover the Ricoh brand

Get in touch with our expert team at Insight Systems to discuss our range of high-performing printers and digital solutions for your business today.


2.Document Management Software

Document management in all organisations is paramount, whether big or small. Document management software captures, tracks, and stores digital documents such as PDFs, images, and presentations. 

Managing business information can be challenging if inefficient processes are in place. In today’s modern digital age, cybersecurity is a real threat, which is where document management systems come into play. They provide better control over sensitive documents and data and possess various benefits, including audit trails, limited or restricted access, and plenty more.

Explore different types of document management software:


PaperCut MF

PaperCut Hive

Learn more about document management software with our additional resources below.

What Is Document Management Software?


About Insight Systems

Insight Systems works with many industries to provide hardware and software solutions – whether you’re printing brochures or flyers daily to increase your brand awareness or you’re looking to notify your target audience of an upcoming event or discount sale – our managed print solutions help deliver materials your business needs to succeed.

Contact our expert team for further assistance, or browse our website for more information.


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