Buying vs Leasing Printers


Buying vs Leasing Printers

10th November 2021

Just like the property market, there are pros and cons to both outright purchasing your printing hardware and renting it. To understand what’s best for your business, in terms of convenience and cost, we thought it would be helpful to break it down for you. 


Should I Buy My Office Printing Equipment?

We all take pride in owning our equipment. It may be as small as a laptop or as big as a printer; there’s no shame in that! There are lots of great reasons why you should consider purchasing your business printing equipment. For example, printers and photocopiers count as tax-deductible purchases, so you’ll be able to claim money back into the business and get them for an overall cheaper cost. Also, if a printer isn’t something you regularly use within your business, it may be more cost-effective to purchase one with minimal commitment. 


However, this does come with drawbacks. Purchasing office printers and copiers can be pretty overwhelming. There’s a vast amount of options in terms of size, cost and function before you even think about software add-ons, so if you’re looking to purchase outright, you have to be sure of precisely what your business needs. Unfortunately, if you need to make changes later down the line, there would be additional costs involved. 


Should I Lease My Office Printing Equipment?

In light of recent events, more people than ever are working from home, and many businesses have downsized their office space to suit their staff’s new needs. At least a quarter of companies in the UK have said that they intend to continue using home working methods post-pandemic. With this comes a lack of need to purchase new office equipment, including copiers and printers, since you may not be in the office enough to ensure that they are serviced correctly. This is where the idea of leasing office printing equipment comes into play. 


The increasing trend of downsizing office space means a decrease in the number or size of printing equipment you might need. When leasing, you’ll be able to negotiate more appropriate equipment with more appropriate pricing as and when you need it. If you already purchased a large number of printers outright, you would need to repurchase more appropriate ones to work with the ever-changing business and office landscape.


Finally, when leasing, you’re working with experts who are up-to-date with the most appropriate and advanced printing technology, keeping your online world safe and secure. For example, at Insight Systems, we will have regular staff training sessions about new technologies and software. We will then take them back to the appropriate clients to get integrated into their system. Without this expert knowledge at your fingertips, you could very quickly be lacking in the most up-to-date, time-saving technology, including cybersecurity software. 


Leasing Printing Equipment with Insight Systems

When it comes to leasing printing equipment, we do know our stuff. We’ve been in the business for almost 20 years and have worked with every type and size of business you can imagine. Our friendly staff are expertly trained to help whenever you have a printer issue. Whether it’s just a quick call to your printer trainer about a set-up or getting in one of our award-winning technicians to help, it’s all included within your print management quote.


Insight Systems

Regardless of how you acquire your printing equipment, Insight Systems will be committed to servicing your equipment. Meaning that you’ll never have to worry about your printer not working, so no unnecessary trips from your home office to work to sort it out.

At Insight Systems, we pride ourselves on giving your business the best-tailored printing solution with a hassle-free approach. Whether you’re a one-person band or a team of people, we will find the best solution for you. If you’re interested in saving money and time, have a chat with one of our friendly experts today.


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