Beating it with the British Heart Foundation

16th October 2018

Beating it with the British Heart Foundation

At Insight we are proud to support both local and national charities. Our chosen national charity is the British Heart Foundation, which has great personal meaning to our company directors who have experienced bereavements related to heart problems.

This autumn we are supporting the charity by becoming a collection point for British Heart Foundation donation bags. Donors are encouraged to fill the bags with clothes, DVDs, books and more, which will be sold to raise money.

We also challenged our employees to join in, with every pound raised helping to make a massive difference by funding life-saving research. Every three minutes in the UK a family loses a loved one to heart and circulatory disease.

So far, we have collectively cleared out 30 bags of valuable clutter, raising over £750 in donations.


Why have a clear out?

  • Value your things more: Keep what you love, donate those you dont. They will be treasured by someone new!
  • Less is more: Fewer things in your home/ wardrobe means less to maintain, clean, organise or stress you out.
  • Declutter and do good: Giving away your unwanted things will not only give you more space and peace of mind, but you are also helping to save lives too.
  • Recycling reduces your carbon footprint: It reduces emissions associated with the energy to produce and transport new products, and from landfills and incinerators.


What is best to donate?

  • Clothes, such as dresses, trousers and shirts
  • Accessories, like shoes, handbags and belts
  • Jewellery, including rings, necklaces and bracelets
  • DVDs, CDs and vinyl
  • Books from fiction to reference and collectables
  • Homewares such as mirrors, vases and ornaments
  • Childrens toys including puzzles and board games


Where do I get bags and drop them off?

  • Order your free bags: Give us a call on 01732 880 600 or email
  • Drop them off: The collection point is located in our warehouse at Insight House, Nepicar Park, London Road, Wrotham, Kent TN15 7AF. Please drive to the rear of the building.


For more information, go to

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