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5 Green Tips On How To Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

21st March 2022

eco friendly office tips

Making the workplace more sustainable and eco-friendly is rising for many businesses worldwide. Have you ever considered how sustainable and responsible your office space is? There is a comprehensive list of ideas any organisation can undertake to be better for the planet. As we spend a considerable portion of our time at work, why not make the most of it? Maybe we can even inspire you to use green tips at home too. 

Not only is being more mindful of the environment better for the planet, but it can help you reduce business costs and drive additional customers. The public pays close attention to organisations’ details and switching to a greener office benefits everyone. 

We’ve compiled our top 5 green office tips for you to try out.


Energy Efficient Appliances & Equipment

Technology is constantly evolving, and brands are becoming eco-conscious. The only way we can meet sustainable targets is if we work together. 

Switching to energy-efficient appliances and equipment within the office makes all the difference. If you think of the most used appliances and equipment in the office, what would they be? Here are our top guesses:

  • Printers.
  • Copiers.
  • Scanners.
  • Computers and monitors.
  • Kitchen appliances, e.g. coffee machines, kettles, microwaves.
  • Office stationery.

Although it might not be possible to switch every single equipment or appliance piece in the office for a greener alternative, there are more sustainable choices out there with plenty of research.

Let’s take printers, copiers, and scanners, for example. These are devices that are widely used in the majority of modern offices today. When they’re in use from 9-5, 5 days a week, they take up a lot of energy and power, but have you considered a print management control solution that reduces costs, reduces waste and makes it easier for employees to use the devices?

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly printers exist, and at Insight Systems, we take great pride in helping businesses save costs and improve workflow. All of our MFP’s are energy star certified, and our devices also feature auto-sleep functionality. This means when the device isn’t being used for long periods of time, it’ll automatically go to sleep! In addition, LED technology in printer device we supply require less energy than laser.

You’d be surprised to find out how many appliances are eco friendly and energy-efficient!

Maximise Natural Light

If you live in the UK, you have to take full advantage of the sun when it comes out. And the same goes for when you’re in the office too, because the lighting makes all the difference. Natural sunlight not only improves our mood and productivity levels at work, but it helps to save costs and energy on indoor lighting when it isn’t needed. Of course, it isn’t possible to rely on natural light all the time, and because of this, it’s worth installing LED light bulbs and smart power strips at all workstations. Smart power trips are clever items that can assess electricity usage and automatically disable items that are not being used. 

Green Commuting

Although the commute to work is non-existent for completely remote workers, and it’s reduced for those who adopt a hybrid working model, green commuting has become increasingly popular. If you think about your commute every single day to work, excluding long journeys you may take on weekends or for a holiday, you’ll come to realise that your car emits much carbon into the environment.

Many companies offer commuting schemes and rewards for those who want to walk or cycle to work. In addition, car sharing or taking public transport are other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint little by little. Reap in the health benefits of walking or biking to work; even if it’s a few days of the week, you’re doing your part!


Recycling is probably the easiest tip out of our top 5. It requires minimal effort, and it means that materials that are constantly thrown away can be recycled and reused for future use. Recycling isn’t a task as such, but it’s more of a habit. If you recycle at home, it won’t be too difficult to recycle at work. 

Your office should have sufficient recycling bins located across the office with tips attached to them, e.g. what you can put in the bin and what you cannot. You could even set up a recycling scheme at work to promote awareness and get the whole team involved.

First, you need to identify your waste, so if it’s paper waste that is becoming a problem or waste in general, then you’ve completed step 1. Step 2 is implementing a recycling waste system that employees can follow and adhere to. If your office doesn’t have recycling bins, research local organisations that supply them. You can then set your own goals and monitor the difference between recycling bin waste and general waste. An incentive program for the office could also be implemented for a good team effort! 

Insight Systems can supply a ‘toner recycling box’ and service which, when full of empty toners, is collected and recycled in accordance with the WEEE directive.

To inspire employees to recycle at work, check out this article for some tips!

Measure Your Waste Impact

As we mentioned above, while measuring office waste is insightful, we can often lose track of the waste we produce. The most important thing to remember is that we are responsible for creating a significant amount of waste, and by reducing that, we can help the planet. So rather than using paper towels in toilets, an alternative would be to install eco-friendly hand dryers or opt for bamboo toilet paper. Reduce the number of single-use cups and promote using refillable water bottles! 

Try to measure the waste your office produces in a single week. You can then identify and set goals to further reduce your waste. After all, it’s for a good cause. 

By integrating a managed print solution for your organisation, it will help you save a ton of paper and electricity. MPS solutions are designed to be mindful of the environment while also meeting business goals and objectives. Monitor and track levels of print usage across multiple devices, and if documents are sent to the printer queue but aren’t actually needed anymore, they won’t be printed – it’s as simple as that. For more information on managed print solutions, take a look at ‘what are managed print services’. 


Insight Systems

At Insight Systems, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your team and becoming your print department without you even knowing. Not only will we offer our honest opinions, professional advice and friendly service, but Insight Systems strive to listen to your business needs and will tailor a solution just for you. Our print management approach is upfront and hassle-free to ensure that you can carry out your daily tasks with printing peace of mind. If you’re interested in learning how to help you reduce your business’s print costs, get in touch today to speak to one of our friendly experts.


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