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Should My Business Use Cloud Printing?

10th August 2021

Should My Business Use Cloud Printing?

Cloud computing is changing the way that organisations operate their IT platforms with a strong move to the use of public cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Organisations no longer have to worry about the upfront capital costs of hardware, licensing of operating systems, the cost and worries around supporting and upgrading the basic platform, and in many cases gain much higher levels of availability by moving to a public cloud.

Likewise, Cloud Printing removes the barriers of needing a physical print server, or in fact, even needing to be in the same location as the printer.


What is Cloud Printing?
In line with this progress, how can we continue to support printing and scanning services in a Cloud environment, or even add Cloud Printing to a conventional network?
Our Cloud printing solutions enable sending documents without being bound to the physical network which connects the two physical items: the printer and the device from which the document is coming from. This means that your printer can connect to any device on the network remotely, including tablets and smartphones. This dramatically simplifies the printing service and expands availability to authorised users anywhere in the world.


What are the benefits of using cloud printing?


1. Flexibility and availability
With the ever-changing world comes the consistent demand to be fully flexible, which is precisely what cloud printing allows for your business in more ways than one. Firstly, using cloud printing means that your employees can work from anywhere and can print from any device permitted to. Secondly, if you ever needed to scale up or down your printing solution within your business, it’s a lot easier and quicker to do so when it’s in the cloud.


2. Security
Keeping documents secure is a tricky task, but when using cloud printing, it becomes a breeze! Your users will have personal access to the print queue, printing software and printing hardware through a username and password, (or PIN/contactless ID card) meaning that only the people who need to see the document will, removing the potential for a GDPR breach. Printing in this way means that jobs are logged, so you can provide a complete audit trail if you were to have a data leak.


3. Convenience
Sometimes you don’t have time for the little things, such as standing around waiting for the printer to be free for 15 minutes every time you need something. Send your print job via the cloud and collect it on any available cloud-enabled printer, at the Office, at a regional office or even at home, if authorised.


4. Waste and cost reduction
Using cloud printing means that you can reduce your overall costs by only printing what is necessary. You’ll have the option to send your document to a print queue where you can make amends or cancel if necessary. Accidentally sent 20 pages in colour? No problem, just switch it back to black at the printer, instead of cancelling it and sending it again (let’s be honest, we all know we should, but who has got time to do that?) It’s that simple to cut the print job cost by 90%!


Which businesses should use cloud printing?
In short, cloud printing is suitable for any industry and business. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is part of the benefit of using cloud printing, which everyone aims for.


Insight Systems
With 18 years of experience in the industry, Insight Systems aims to help and support businesses by offering comprehensive printing solutions, including a wide range of professional-grade printing and photocopying services. We ensure that all our solutions are tailored to suit your business needs, so you know that you’re getting the most out of your time and money. Read more on what we offer or get in touch with one of our friendly experts.


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