Smart Lockers

By 2025, 90% of workplaces will deploy smart technology to streamline workflows, enhance security and

improve efficiency. Learn more about Ricoh smart lockers and the benefits they can bring to your business

and industry.

Automated Processes

Authenticated 24/7 Access

Full Traceability

Live Data & Analytics

Smart Locker Solutions

What Are Smart Lockers?

Ricoh’s smart lockers offer secure, reliable, and convenient storage and access solutions tailored for businesses in every sector and for diverse needs. From click-and-collect lockers enabling 24/7 access to asset management lockers ensuring transparency and queue-free operations, our range caters to various applications.

Each smart locker ensures authenticated access with cloud-based monitoring and real-time insights. Whether you require employee storage solutions or streamlined pick-ups of IT equipment, our smart lockers enhance compliance and automate workflows, providing comprehensive support for your needs.

Key Features

Integrated Digital Technology

EMEA Cloud Based Software

Automate Manual Processes

Safe & Secure Storage

Integrating Smart Lockers For Your Industry

Office & Workspace

Support your workforce with IT Inventory Management, Smart Collect and Return and Personal Lockers. Ensure efficient device distribution and ease of delivery, high-value item tracking and secure storage.

ricoh smart lockers for retail


Help create dynamic retail environments, champion your brand, enhance the customer experience, and drive efficiency in the warehouse.

Logistics & Warehousing

Remove the slow, inaccurate problem of manual distribution of handheld terminals to employees by 68.5% and deliver a 50% reduction in asset losses and damages over a 12-month period.

ricoh smart lockers for education


Secure collection and return points for books, print, post, and documents. Securely distribute teaching aids such as projectors, laptops, tablets, headsets and keyboards.

ricoh smart lockers

Public Sector

Serve citizens with fast and easy pick up of high-value documents such as passports or empower employees with IT swap out where staff drop-off and pick-up equipment.

“With the Ricoh Smart Lockers, we have a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective process for distributing documents and packages. We see huge potential for the self-services approach; educational institutions circulate countless items and a staffed reception is often unavailable.”

Smart Workplaces Of The Future

Driven by technological advancements and the demand for more efficient and secure storage solutions, smart lockers are designed to assist a diverse range of industries. You can easily track access and review audit trails to identify what equipment has been taken out of lockers but not replaced, providing full accountability and transparency.

Integrating Ricoh smart locker solutions for your business enables you to provide secure storage solutions, streamline processes and improve accessibility for customers. Easily automate your locker management, save time, increase productivity and make better decisions with data analytics. Learn more about our range of smart locker solutions directly from the experts at Insight Systems.

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Learn more about Smart Lockers

Learn more about Smart Lockers