Retail Sector.

Industries / Logistics

Resource Management.

Relieves (normally large and thinly spread) IT departments of print device/software service support.


Simple visibility of print-related outlay and budgeting functionality.

Piece of Mind.

No longer the requirement to shop for and spend on consumables such as toners/inks.

Case Study

Large, national fishing equipment supplier.

Client Needs

Refresh of old, and failing, equipment, cost and spend visibility, remote management of devices, simple cost and invoicing structure.

Insight Solution

A fleet of Kyocera devices (from desktop printers to large departmental devices) using one universal print driver and Fleet management software.


Streamlined installation process over a couple of days – swapping all equipment over.
Customer is impressed with our service response and proactive prevention of issues as well as the speed and efficiency of toner despatch.

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