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We provide intelligent office solutions and a wide range of professional-grade photocopying equipment. Our solutions are tailored, simple and delivered with simple training and support so you get the most out of your purchase.

Printing Solutions That Work

Our range of printing solutions is smart, simple, and secure for the very best in printing performance. We have partnered with leading, innovative brands such as Ricoh, Toshiba, Brother, Kyocera, and Konica Minolta to enhance workplace productivity and efficiency. We work with these brands because they are the best printer brands in the business. While each is unique, they all share the low cost, eco-friendly results we strive for.

Suitable for professional environments of any size, our solutions are designed for the most demanding businesses.  From print management to help you track usage and reduce waste, to cyber security audits and managed cloud services to keep your documents safe and secure online. 

We’re here to help you streamline your processes without the hassle of doing it yourself, whether you’re in the office, at home, or a mix of both! You need a bespoke solution that works and manages your printing requirements securely while keeping costs to a minimum. From ink-jet printers to laser printers and multi-function printers, browse our full range of office printers below or contact us for further information.

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Hybrid Office Printers

The print and scan features of your office printer in a desktop footprint, including Cloud integration.

  • Up to 30 colour pages per minute.
  • Tidy design & small footprint.
  • Audibly low volume.
  • Solutions compatible.

per month

Budget Office Printers

Fully featured A3 colour printing and high speed scanning for small to medium offices, and to suit all budgets.

  • From 20 colour pages per minute.
  • Colour print / copy / scan.
  • Single sided scanning.
  • Encrypted HDD.

per month

Premium Office Printers

The highest speed and quality in office printing for 30+ users, optionally integrated into your document management and workflows.

  • Up to 80 colour pages per minute.
  • High quality print / copy / scan.
  • High speed, dual sided scanning.
  • Encrypted HDD / SSD.

per month

Professional Digital Printers

Production Printing Presses producing the highest quality output for Reprographics Departments and Commercial Printers.

  • Speeds of up to 130 colour pages per minute.
  • Powerful print controller & colour management.
  • High capacity paper feeds.
  • High capacity & multi-functional finishing equipment.

per month


Many printer brands are available, all of which have something to offer depending on what you might need. That might not sound like the answer you are looking for, but it is true.

For instance, take “colour quality”, which is always a highly subjective point. Some printers print vibrant photographic images, others with a more nuanced hue. Some will produce lower quality photos but strong, bold and consistent solid colours found in charts and presentations. And that’s just the subject of quality, not to mention things like document capture, workflow routing, security, GDPR, output management, cost recovery and so on.

That’s why our experts are keen to talk to you to understand what’s right for you, not what is the flavour of the month, or has the best special offer pricing. Speak to us, and we will be sure to get to the bottom of what works best for you from an independent range of printer hardware and software.


Sometimes referred to as a SoHo printer (Small Office/Home Office), a Hybrid printer is a device that works equally in an Office environment or a Home Office, replicating the work environment and the efficiencies of larger office devices.

This might include Scan to Cloud such as OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. Managed Print Release/Reporting and encrypted print, scan and storage. These features are usually missing from the average home use printer.

Recent technology developments have expanded this market, and we are seeing customer applications whereby they might have a number of these devices in the office, supported by several larger devices. A good example would be a medium-size Law Firm, where groups of four users might share a local Hybrid Printer for occasional documents (scan, copy, print). Large documents are automatically routed to a larger device (see Budget and Premium Printers below), where they are held securely for release by the creator.

Best of all, we can provide the same support for a Hybrid printer like any other printer, meaning four-hour service call out and inclusive toner contracts, taking the stress and expense of local printing and scanning.

The actual cost of a printer is less in what it costs in itself, but more in what it costs to run, i.e. the cost per printed page.

A Budget Office Printer takes into account both so that you’re not paying the earth for toners – everything is included in an agreed cost per page, and rentals are lower than you might expect.

All of our Budget printers still support the same scan print management platforms as our higher-end products, but they focus on users with less need for higher-speed devices. 

Best of all, we can provide the same support for a Hybrid printer like any other printer, meaning four-hour service call out and inclusive toner contracts, taking the stress and expense of local printing and scanning.

A Premium Office Printer is adaptable to support all demanding requirements and scan and print at the highest of speeds for an office environment. As well as all of the features from Hybrid and Budget Printers, Premium Printers can offer enhanced image quality, Pantone colour matching (for corporate identity), print speeds of over 80 pages per minute in colour, and scanning at up to an incredible 240 images per minute!

Our selection of premium office printers offer superior quality and enhanced finishing options.

The ultimate in output speed, quality, and high volume capacity in digital printing. A Production printer (also known as a Digital Press) is suited to users who need near lithographic press quality but without the print run length restrictions of traditional printing processes. This means you can create high-quality documents where each one is unique, such as a Client Portfolio for Financial Institutions. 

These presses are usually suited (but not restricted) to environments where they are managed by a Print Operator, such as a Central Reprographics Department or in a Commercial Printers, and will be supported by a high-end Print Server (RIP – Raster Image Processor) such as EFI Fiery or Creo.

Finishing options may extend from stream punching for wire/spiral binding to fully finished books.

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