One Of Life’s Moments…

15th March 2023

It is with absolute pleasure and excitement that we share this moment… There is no greater feeling than to witness the emotion and pride between a parent and child!

Our colleague, Dave Waldron, has been a member of the Insight team since it was born almost 20 years ago. Over the years, working closely together as his colleagues have enabled us to congratulate him on the birth of his two sons and get to know and take an interest in each other’s families – following the pursuit of his youngest son, Leo, in his childhood dreams of becoming a professional footballer a reality.

Since Leo was 6 years old, Dave has done what many parents do – supported him in every possible way, from cheering him on from the side-lines to transporting him across counties and consoling him when his team did not win a game – not to mention the expense of kit etc. Without a doubt, his efforts, alongside Leo’s sheer determination and hard work to never give up, have paid off!

This week has been one of the proudest moments for Dave; together with Leo’s mum, Emma, and brother Jack they watched Leo sign for the Under 13’s Premier League for West Ham United, securing a 2-year contract. WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!

Congratulations and Well Done to Leo and to Dave, Emma, and Jack for supporting a dream! We here at Insight are also so proud and privileged to be able to share this experience.

Never stop believing in your dreams!


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