Kofax Control Suite

Kofax ControlSuite is the starting point for your digital projects in the workplace. ControlSuite boosts productivity and efficiency while enhancing document security.

Kofax Control Suite

ControlSuite Kofax

Kofax ControlSuite is an integrated print and output management, capture, and mobile document workflow system. ControlSuite assembles discrete elements that co-operate in a variety of combinations to provide a number of document processing processes. The following component documentation is included in the ControlSuite product.

Print Control (Equitrac 6.x and later)

Capture (AutoStore 8.x and later)

Output Control (Output Manager 5.x and later)

Mobile (Business Connect 8.x and later)

Kofax ControlSuite Benefits

Maximise security

Keep printed documents securely and ensure scanned documents only go to the intended recipients. 

Safeguard compliance

Automated key field redaction from captured, and printed documents removes labour-intensive extraction for GDPR compliance.

Control data

Data extraction from documents and web forms can be invaluable in joining up workflows and removing manual data entry.

Reduce costs

Analytics and visualisation transform data into actionable insights, allowing you to streamline processes and reduce costs.

Connect workflows

Leverage higher levels of security and improve efficiencies when capture workflows are integrated with cloud-based solutions.

How Kofax ControlSuite Can Help

Kofax uses processes that are content-aware to ensure document security. Apply uniform business regulations and data protection guidelines, such as rule-based printing, automated redaction, and watermarking. Automation of the document capture procedure may boost output and efficiency, improve the quality of the information, boost accuracy, and lessen manual labor-intensive mistakes.

Kofax ControlSuite

Transform Your End-to-End Business Processes

Kofax ControlSuite is an easy-to-use interface specifically designed to make your life easier in the workplace. Available to use on various platforms, you can optimise operations and reduce expenses month after month with an effective and efficient workflow solution.

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Kofax ControlSuite FAQs

Discover frequently asked questions around Kofax ControlSuite.

ControlSuite is a fully integrated cloud-based solution that features intelligent automation features to maximise productivity and document security. 

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