Epson Environmental Printing

As a Gold Partner with Epson, switching to heat-free printing technology can significantly help your business save on energy costs and be kinder to the environment.

Let’s work towards building a sustainable future together.

Eco Friendly Printing

Epson technology is the driving force towards a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future. We’ve partnered with Epson to provide a range of high-performing, sustainable printers that help to increase productivity, streamline processes and reduce the environmental impact without compromise.

The Benefits Of Heat Free Technology

Lowest Energy Consumption

Businesses can save thousands of pounds per year in energy costs by switching from a laser device. Discover how much CO₂ and electricity you can save!

Smallest Footprint

Recyclable ink packs and a high-speed printhead unit use less space than the leading fuser & toner technology without sacrificing any performance or quality.

Shortest “Wake Up” Time

There is no fuser that needs to get to a high temperature. The devices can wake up, print and go back to standby mode before alternative technology has warmed up.

Discover The Epson Inkjet Advantage

Heat-free technology is an innovative way to build a better, greener future for you and your business. Epson inkjet multifunctional printers are more sustainable, reliable and productive. The series of low-energy printers offer faster first page out time, increasing productivity and reducing time wasted for print jobs. Every print job can also start immediately, compared to laser devices which require the fuser unit to preheat before starting.

The low energy consumption of Epson’s printers means less environmental impact and a reduction in energy costs.

How Much Can You Save?

A FREE print optimisation audit allows us to quickly demonstrate the savings achievable with Epson’s low-energy photocopiers & printers compared to your existing setup. We can analyse your business’ print setup for device usage and toner consumption. Additionally, regardless of manufacturer, we can compare your existing laser devices’ energy consumption and downtime.

We’re here to help reduce costs and meet your sustainability goals – contact us today to request a print audit.

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Epson Featured Models

WorkForce Pro WF-C579RDWF

A4 Colour Inkjet Multifunctional Printer

The WorkForce Pro WF-C579RDWF is Epson’s latest A4 colour inkjet multifunctional printer. It features exceptionally high ink yields, meaning less packaging waste, and the clean technology inside Epson’s RIPS devices, which produce no ozone gas and toner dust.

Additionally, with PrecisionCore printhead technology, printers in this series can deliver vivid colours, faster print speeds and less banding.

WorkForce Pro WF-C579RDWF

WorkForce Enterprise AM-C Series

WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000 Series

A3 Colour Heat-Free Inkjet Multifunctional Printer

The WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000, AM-C5000 and AM-C6000 are A3 heat-free inkjet multifunctional printers. They feature a sleek, compact design and is an all-in-one solution for your printing needs.

The series combines high performance with low energy consumption, helping you to save on energy costs without compromise. It’s the ideal model for all businesses, and you can customise your device to your exact requirements.

WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000

High speed A3 Colour Inkjet Multifunctional Printer

Learn more about the WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 – a high-speed A3 colour inkjet printer ideal for the modern office. It features print speeds of up 100ppm and is an affordable, eco-friendly device that can keep up with the pace of busy working environments.

It requires little maintenance, high capacity ink yield, and powerful scanning capability.

WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000 Series

WorkForce DS-970

WorkForce DS-970

High Speed Desktop Sheetfed Scanner

The WorkForce DS-970 is a high-speed desktop sheetfed scanner with advanced processing capabilities for effortless document management. It’s Epson’s fastest scanner, with a 100-page ADF, 85ppm/170ipm scanning speed and continuous scanning with its automatic feed mode.

It has easy-to-use features, with an intuitive panel to help you get your documents to the right place in just a few clicks.

SureColor SC-T3100

Smallest Footprint 24” Wide Format Printer

The SureColor SC-T3100 is a wireless, entry-level large format printer designed to print technical and CAD drawings in superb detail. The key features of the SC-T3100 printer are detail, throughput speed and size of the output – being able to print up to 24″.

It’s an exceptional printer that provides professional, detailed documents with a low total cost of ownership. For reliable and precise technical drawings, this printer has got you covered..


Learn more about Epson and heat-free technology printers with our frequently asked questions!

Eco-friendly printing involves innovative ways to minimise the impact on our environment. This can be achieved through recycling ink cartridges, switching to Epson heat-free printers, and more. We recommend that if you’re looking to switch your existing set-up, to request a free print audit which evaluates your printing processes and technology.

PrecisionCore is the next-generation sustainable inkjet technology developed by Epson. It reduces printing from eight to three steps, allowing faster printing and lower energy costs to help you meet your sustainable goals.

Inkjet printers consume very little electricity compared to laser devices. This is because laser machines must heat the toner and maintain high temperatures throughout the process to print materials.

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