We care about the planet, which means we work hard to reduce our environmental impact and support businesses with the most sustainable methods.


We are your partner in sustainable print management.

Our Commitment To The Environment

At Insight Systems, we understand the importance of implementing an active environmental policy and ESG initiatives. We are committed to protecting the environment, promoting good working practices that minimise the effects of pollution, and reducing our carbon footprint as well as that of our customers. At our core, we aspire to lead the print industry by enhancing the sector through impactful sustainable practices.

What Are We Doing?

Waste Management

Our onsite compactor crushes our recyclable waste, ready to be recycled with a local waste management provider.


Insight Systems has partnered with PrintReleaf, automatically converting your paper footprint into actual trees.

Toner Cartridges

We partner with manufacturers who offer toner recycling schemes, to enable us to connect you with this service.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Over 55% of our company vehicles are hybrid or fully electric, we aim to continue to convert more.


Insight Systems has sustainable LED lighting as standard in both of our offices in Kent and Essex.


We partner with manufacturers who prioritise using recycled materials in new hardware.

Our Products & Services

Wherever possible, we partner with and source our products from ISO 14001-accredited manufacturers. We do this to ensure that our customers’ products are manufactured and ultimately recycled and/or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, regardless of supplier.

Our range of laser devices offer varying energy consumption levels, and we can tailor our offering to meet each client’s economic, ergonomic, or energy requirements. Additionally, we offer heat-free business inkjet devices as an environmentally friendly alternative to laser-based devices. With up to 96% lower energy consumption and up to 94% less waste, where no heat is used in the printing process, meaning far less power consumption which helps customers reduce their environmental impact from printing.
We recognise that more work still needs to be done to reduce carbon further, therefore we have partnered with PrintReleaf who automatically convert the paper footprint of our customers into actual trees.

We’ve helped our Heat-Free Customers to collectively save:


Total savings of all customers who switched to Heat-Free Printers, across their entire contract term. Data at Feb 2024.

43,779 kWh
energy saved
(approx. £148,845
in energy costs saved)

CO2 saved

66,572 hours
reduced intervention

Trees saved

Up to £947,717
saved collectively


As a company, we recognise that more work still needs to be done to reduce carbon further, therefore we have partnered with PrintReleaf who automatically convert the paper footprint of our customers into actual trees.
PrintReleaf is the industry leader in automated environmental offsets, enabling us to offset our customers’ environmental impact through certified reforestation projects. After we analyse the total paper consumption of our customers to calculate how many trees were harvested and how much greenhouse gas was emitted for the paper consumption, PrintReleaf automatically plants native trees in certified global reforestation projects.

Standard Pages Offset
Standard Trees Reforested

Collective offset paper consumption by our customers, since joining PrintReleaf in April 2024.

Remote Servicing & Toner

To minimise toner wastage we have implemented remote monitoring software solutions in our customers’ machines. This software allows us to efficiently evaluate machine efficiency and dispatch toners just before they are required. It also enables us to fix around 25% of machine malfunctions remotely from our dedicated service centre in Kent, reducing the need for wasteful engineer visits.

When an engineer visit is required, we minimise travel time by having a local engineer and are moving towards an electric and hybrid fleet. We also use GPS tracking to ensure journey planning is as efficient as possible. Additionally, our engineers are provided with a good level of general spare parts in their vehicles to minimise the need for revisits.

Our Compacted Cardboard Recycling in 2023 meant:

We recycled 7.89 Tonnes of Cardboard alone.

That’s equivalent to 7,600kg of CO2. Approximately 43,145 trees.

That’s enough energy to power 6,643 homes for a year.

“Insight Systems took the time to fully understand our needs and recommend a long-term manageable, sustainable and cost-effective solution.”

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