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Industries / Construction

Document PDF Assembly.

Automated scanning of Proof of Delivery documents means that accounting processes are handled in a fraction of the time.

Barcode recognition and assignment allows batches of documents to be scanned and indexed with little or no user intervention.

Managed Print Support. 

Construction firms often need a combination of larger Multi-Function Printers and smaller printers spread over a wide area. This may include short term rentals for sites and temporary locations.

Let us help you remove the stress of supporting these devices with automated diagnostics, toner management, usage data collection and remote support, coupled with flexible rental plans.

Project Accounting.

Within Print Management, we also provide a Project Billing Tool which allows users to assign copy, print and scan functions to specific projects from an autocomplete list, therefore enabling visibility on costs and tender proposals.

Case Study

A UK wide construction company, with numerous regional offices and many live sites, with constant completions and new sites.

Client Needs

A flexible arrangement with a supplier who can react on short notice fulfilling needs in a dynamic environment.

Solutions include Multi-Function Printers, Wide Format (Plan) Printers and local printing over thin clients.

Regional offices need to manage the hardware resources effectively, where sites may be heavily dependent on a single device, so reliability is of utmost importance.

Insight Solution

A large fleet of comparable Multi Function Printers operating across regional offices, enabling common toner stock holding.

This hardware is supported with integrated Print Management with Project Billing for print and copy job cost allocation, plus the ability to collect prints securely at any device.

A constantly variable fleet of Multi Function Printers for the construction sites.

Remote support and management of all devices.

Offsite storage and total Fleet Management.


A flexible agreement that comprises:

  • A large fleet of fixed position Multi Function Printers
  • Cost allocation by project to assist in budgeting and cost recovery
  • Robust devices suitable for large building sites
  • Reliable devices suitable for an environment where there might be only one printer.
  • Complete service, including logistics, warehousing, fleet reduction, and expansion.
  • Remote support and managements services.

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