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Flexible and secure document solutions for mobile workers

Creating an efficient, mobile office environment has never been easier thanks to two brand new pieces of software, packaged into one solution, from Ricoh UK: Start.Ricoh

The BYOD trend has been growing nationwide but with so many tablet, laptop, phone, desktop computer devices and a vast array of software options available for employees - implementing a Managed Print and Document Solution that allows for all of these potentialities can be difficult and requires a lot of consideration.

Ricoh have developed two new applications that allow for seamless integration with all brands, operating systems and a majority of file types by having their multifunctional devices (MFDs/MFPs) be compatible with the large players in the cloud-storage market, including:

  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • SkyDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Evernote
  • Office 365
  • Google Drive
  • Salesforce
  • and many more...
These two applications are FlexRelease CX and Ricoh Scan CX; the former revolving around document output and print release with the latter designed to store documents quickly and easily in a secure, cloud based location.

FlexRelease CX

"FlexRelease CX provides an easy, efficient and secure way to connect mobile workers to print resources, without the need to install and update drivers.

Using Ricohs cloud platform, users can submit print tasks to a Ricoh printer using almost any device, regardless of where they are located, using either a Wi-Fi or mobile connection. This provides a more flexible, efficient and intuitive way to access documents."

Users can submit their documents for printing via email, Ricohs iOS application, through a universally-accessible web portal or using a Windows driver. With this variety of options, users are always able to release their print jobs - regardless of their situation.

To ensure maximum document confidentiality and security, users are required to authenticate at the Ricoh MFP before the job is released. Before the job is released, the documents are secured by the cloud-service providers encryption and user account management.

FlexRelease CX enables mobile workers to submit print tasks from the device of their choice, for collection from any compatible, licensed Ricoh devices.

Ricoh Scan CX

"Ricoh Scan CX provides an easy, flexible and secure way for workers to send, store and access scanned documents that releases them from the constraints of physical storage and costly archiving services. Using Ricohs platform as a secure access point, users can take advantage of integration with third party cloud-based storage, collaborative platforms and document management and workflow solutions.

With Ricohs cloud platform, users can simply send scanned documents directly from a Ricoh MFP to the cloud. A single device license allows unlimited uploads to our cloud services from one MFP, and unlimited downloads to user devices, providing a cost-effective way to widen access to documents.

All document data is automatically protected using 256-bit encryption, ensuring information can only be accessed by the intended recipients."

Users simply sign into the Ricoh device and scan their documents to the desired cloud-based location. From here, the document is encrypted and stored in a user account (dedicated per user) on a cloud server.

By authenticating, using single sign-on (SSO) functionality - these documents can be downloaded from the cloud server onto any device required.

Ricoh Scan CX enables scanned documents to be sent directly to Ricohs cloud platform for further processing and access by mobile workers.

Smart Operational Panel

The Start.Ricoh falls hand-in-hand with Ricohs newest hardware addition: the Smart Operational Panel (SOP).

This piece of equipment allows you to control your Ricoh MFP using a dedicated, mounted Android tablet; making use of the familiar swipes, taps and flicks that youre used to. If you would like more information on the SOP, please view this post we made not long ago.

Containing a fully functional, mobile web browser, the Smart Operational Panel allows for greater control when it comes to cloud storage options and web portal interfaces.

If you would like any more information on anything mentioned in this post, or prices of specific elements, please dont hesitate to get in contact by emailing us here or contacting us on Twitter.


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